10 Ideas for Video Posts You Can Do Today

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Contrary to popular belief, filming a video for your next social media post doesn’t always take a lot of planning. In most cases all it takes is a smartphone, loosely scripted dialogue, and a willing participant. Here are 10 easy examples of great video content you can use to create interaction on your social media page today:

1.    How To: Whether you offer a product or a service, all you need is an employee who is willing to demonstrate a task or how to use a product. To keep your audience’s attention, try to keep the video brief, ideally under 90 seconds.

2.    Testimonial: This content also works well for a product or service. Ask a customer if they would be willing to answer some questions about why they chose your business and what they like about it. Seeing an actual client instead of an employee might help sell a potential customer on the quality of your product or service.

3.    Product Feature: Here is one simple idea that has the potential to become a reoccurring post. You might consider featuring a “product of the month/week” that highlights some of a product’s major features. Making this a reoccurring post will get customers excited about each new product they can learn about.

4.    Employee Spotlight: Customers love to connect with a business and creating an employee spotlight always helps put a face to a name. You can ask questions like where were you born, how long have you worked for the company, and what is your favorite part of the job? Show your customers that your employees are real people, and not just a voice on the phone.

5.    Company History: Everyone loves to hear a good backstory. Create a 60 second video explaining how your business got to be where it is today. Whether you’ve got 5 or 500 employees, clients love to hear your story. 

6.    Behind the Scenes: Everyone loves getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, but do you know much work goes into getting those flowers to you? Wow your clients by showing them all the steps it takes to get those flowers from the truck to their loved one. This idea works with almost any business.

7.    Live Stream Event:  If your company is hosting an event you’d like to share with your followers, live stream it! Whether it’s a presentation or a retirement party, promote customer engagement by streaming events happening at your business.

8.    Tips and Hacks: Looking for a simple and quick video to create some buzz on your timeline? Find a tip, trick, or hack to share that highlights your product or service. It can be as simple as sharing the best way to get a wine stain out of white clothing. Clients are always looking to learn something new.

9.    Promotional: Do you have a big sale coming up? Everyone loves a good deal! Offer your social media followers an exclusive deal if they’ve watched the video and use it as an opportunity to advertise.

10.    Giveaway/Contest: Contests and giveaways are a proven way to grow your social media base. Create an engaging video highlighting your prize and ask viewers to “like and share” for a chance to win. This is a great way to help your page reach potential new clients without busting the bank on ad spend.

Videos can be a quick, simple way to create engagement on your timeline. You don’t need expensive equipment to get your followers excited. Just remember turn your phone horizontal and be sure to add captions. Watch as your following grows and users engage!

Need a little extra help setting your shot, perfecting sound quality, or creating a soft script? We understand you may not always have the time available to dedicate to creating a video.  If you’re looking for someone to help you get you started with video production, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group today!