How We Encourage Wellness in the Workplace…

What do you believe is workplace wellness? Is it eating right or exercising? Is it both? Pinnacle Marketing Group is happy to provide a little insight as to what we believe it is and what you can do to encourage your employees to participate in wellness activities while at work.

How do we motivate our employees and co-workers to do the activities and participate in our programs through the year?

Create fun new activities that ALL employees can participate in. There may be some that cannot perform certain activities such as a burpee or 50 sit-ups a day. Create variety during the planning process such as consuming 64 ounces of water or doing a certain workout. This way your employees can choose which activity they would like to do. Adapting your activities will gain more participation from the company.

What are some examples of workplace wellness activities?

Throughout the year, we have done step challenges which involves the use of a Fitbit, Garmin or any other tracking device to log your steps for the day. Those with the most steps receive a prize. This will motivate people to get up and perhaps use their break time walking. During the holiday season, the wellness activity we have gained much participation from is called 12 days of wellness. This activity sets aside 12 days and has a task to complete each day. In order for you to gain a point for the day, you must complete 1 of the 2 activities. The tasks vary from consuming a certain amount of vegetables to performing 20 jumping jacks. Giving the option is the best way to adhere to all abilities.

What are healthy strategies that we can do at work?

It may seem hard to perform certain activities at work but there are many other ways we can practice workplace wellness. Eating right and consuming the recommended amount of water per day is a great way to stay healthy. Get up and move! Take a walk on your break. Get the blood flowing and don’t be afraid to move at your desk. Desk yoga is a thing of the future!

Why is workplace wellness important?

Workplace wellness not only keeps us healthy at work but it can also span out and help us in our daily life. Practice makes perfect!