Do you get easily distracted at work?

Picture This
: You are sitting at your desk and you are hearing the following things-

Your neighbor on the phone, someone chewing their afternoon snack, a couple of co-workers talking about what they did last night and keys on the keyboard hitting someone’s fingers like they are going to fly away. All of this can be VERY distracting!

Have you ever thought about plugging in some music and popping in your headphones? Music is an escape for all of those pesky office noises and can help your personal productivity stay on the right track. Music can provoke many feelings while working and performing daily tasks. It can promote creativity and focus to get things done that need to be done. By listening to familiar music, you know what is coming next and then the sound doesn’t become your primary focus.

Keep in mind lyrics can be distracting if your trying to succumb yourself in an intensive work environment. If you are in a low immersion environment or performing physical tasks, music with lyrics can be invigorating.

Also, consider listening to classical music to increase productivity even in those high intensity work environments. Be careful what you choose, the dramatic twists of one song may differ from the delicate notes that another hosts. There are other tunes that don’t have words that may help your concentration in a noisy workplace. Believe it or not, themes for video games can be an option for some people.

Next time you find yourself in the noisy workplace environment and need to get things done, plug in those headphones and let your mind go!