5 Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make On Facebook

5 marketing mistakes businesses make on Facebook blog description with illustration of "like" buttons

Facebook is a giant, and by now you probably have an account on this media jammed social platform. If you don’t, it’s high time you create one since most businesses can easily market their products and services on it. With that being said, there are a few mistakes that businesses often make while using Facebook. Let your business shine through to your followers by avoiding the below practices.

  1. Broadcasting. Don’t just broadcast your message. Your followers want to connect with you and interact with your content. Let them feel like part of a community by making your messages personal and allowing for feedback that you can also respond to.
  2. Time. Businesses can have a difficult time investing the needed time into creating a solid Facebook presence. Many underestimate the time it takes to create a working strategy. It takes a strong commitment to set up, establish, and keep running a Facebook page. Without adequate time spent on your Facebook strategy, your followers may forget about you.
  3. Predictability. Mix your messages up. Use photos, videos, polls, status updates with new services highlighted, new product announcements, contests, etc. Keep it fresh and stay away from just one or two of the listed items, instead try using as many of them as possible. It keeps your followers interested and excited to see what’s next from your business.
  4. Mechanics. There are many benefits to Facebook that you may have put off learning. That’s a huge mistake. The mechanics of Facebook and the tools it offers are designed to help businesses like yours thrive on the platform. Many smaller businesses don’t take advantage of the info section, which is a great area to introduce yourself to your audience. Also, having your logo properly sized for the Facebook profile picture is important. Facebook also has analytics for you to follow how your page is performing. You can see which posts are getting the most attention, when, by whom, and the engagements it’s creating.
  5. Terms. Violating the terms of Facebook can cause you to be banned. This could be detrimental to your social media presence. Know the terms of Facebook and learn the rules to ensure you continue building upon your community in a positive way.

Facebook is a powerful tool for your business marketing needs and needs to be understood and taken full advantage of in order to really succeed in the social world. Putting in the needed time, learning about the options you have, educating yourself on the best practices, and keeping your content fresh and exciting are ingredients to making certain you have a strong Facebook presence. If you have questions, Pinnacle Marketing Group has the tools needed to make sure your Facebook and social media presence is noticed!