5 Ways to Stay Connected with Customers (Through the Coronavirus Outbreak)

Five ways to stay connected to customers blog description

Over the last few weeks, our daily lives have seen dramatic shifts. Businesses are seeing less foot traffic as schools are closing and offices are encouraging employees to work from home.  These can be trying times but there are creative ways to stay connected to your customers and continue to drive business during the coronavirus outbreak.

Serve Your Customers Digitally

Now is a great time to expand your business’s capabilities. Add online ordering or e-commerce options to your website. Offer video chats or conference calls to replace face to face meetings. Chat with your customers through social media or other messaging platforms. All of these are great ways to stay connected to your customers, while still providing great customer service.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

With people spending more time at home, they are most likely checking more frequently on social media to get the latest viral updates. Increasing your posting frequency can help ensure you are showing up in news feeds.

Update Your Website

Let your customers know what you are doing to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. As business hours and policies change to meet government mandates, updating your website is a simple yet effective way to keep your customers informed and show you value providing them timely information. Post updated hours if your store is open, your new curbside pick-up options or other ways you are still there for your customers and community.

Offer Online Deals

Encourage your customers to buy with online deals. Extra incentives advertised through social media or your website could help maintain sales. Offering to buy a certificate now and use it later when they can treat themselves gives customers something to look forward to. 

Update Your Google My Business Listing

People are searching to see who is open during this pandemic. Make sure your Google My Business listing is accurate. Take some time to update your hours, add takeout service, or offer online ordering. Keeping customers updated with correct information will make it easier for them to patronize your business.  We know this is a time of uncertainty and your connection with your customers is especially critical. If you need assistance with updates to your website, social media, or crafting messaging, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started and stay connected to your customers.