A Fresh New Look: Logo Makeover

A fresh new look: Logo makeover blog header

Freshening up your business logo design helps dust off the cobwebs and get rid of elements that might be out of date or no longer relevant to your business. As time continues on, new trends emerge, and logos can become outdated. Keep a fresh look with a few tips below:

1. Simplify – change any outdated elements and keep what points your business toward the future

2. Update – make sure your logo is current and relates well with your demographic

3. Mirror – your logo should reflect the size of your business, whether you want a “hometown” look or “big city” look

4. Style – stand out from the crowd by adding creative elements to your logo that will echo what your business has to offer

5. Shine – make sure your new logo design replaces old files – keeping both around can be confusing for your customers When updating your logo, remember to try and keep the same feel it originally had. Consumers already know your logo, so keeping specific elements is always in your favor. Updating your logo shows you are evolving with the times and your customers will appreciate the fresh, new look.