Adding Your Own Brand to Pinterest

Pinterest is all about being unique, this is the perfect social media outlet for your company to express your originality! Here are some quick notes on how to make your Pinterest account stand out more than the competition.

Board Covers

Adding cover photos to your boards is a little trick to help clean up your account page. You have to use a post that you have already pinned to that board to be the cover photo. Make sure you choose one that you think perfectly sums up the purpose of that board. For example, if you have a board called “Eating Well” and it is your way of promoting healthy eating, make sure you use a pin that is a photo displaying a healthy recipe, not just a photo of words.

Pin Sizes

If you intend on creating original content that you will be posting on Pinterest, the perfect dimension you should be using is 600px x 900px. The goal is to have the pin be larger in a vertical aspect since most pins are vertical and this will make your Pin stand out more when someone is scrolling through the site. Yeah, repinning is a lot of fun, but you want whoever is looking at your account to know that your company is the best in its industry. Plus creating content helps make your company look innovative.


This is a feature that is to your company’s advantage if you are using a business account on Pinterest. The spotlight option, if you choose to use it, allows you to select your top five boards you are the proudest of, or you think best shows what your company is a part of. This is not mandatory but if someone were to click onto your username and look at your account, you could easily direct them to your top boards by having that in the spotlight and have it be the first thing they see on your account.

Have Fun with It!

I know this may seem like a lot of information but just have fun with it and do whatever you feel like is best for your company. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can be both caught up with trends but also express what makes your company different from the rest.