All Sales Summit at Pinnacle Marketing Group

Sales summit at Pinnacle Marketing Group photos of employees

This past week Pinnacle Marketing Group held an all sales summit, inviting their entire Sales/Marketing Consultant Reps from across the nation to gather in one central location. During this time, special training on iPad use, product development, sales tactics and much more were discussed. The Reps met with their sales support teams and together they enjoyed a night of bowling and socializing.

When a business has employees spread throughout a large region, having a mass gathering is the best way to boost morale as well as gain an understanding for any concerns or questions these employees may have. Meeting the entire company face-to-face often results in building better trust between departments and allows the company to feel like part of a team, which is exactly the outcome during Pinnacle Marketing Group’s assembly.

Build a stronger work force and bring your employees closer together and the positive vibes will continue to be on the rise!