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Animal Care Clinic has been a leader in local veterinary care since 1997. The staff is devoted to providing comprehensive care for your pets, with a level of comfort that is unmatched. They strive to provide the best possible veterinary medical and surgical services in the Bemidji area, with a focus on quality healing, treatment, and therapy for your pets.

Services: Social Media Marketing, Video Production, and Website Development.

The Strategy

When it comes to social media people love cute animals, which can make managing a social media account for a vet seem like a simple task. However, creating engaging content that produces results can take a little more thought, although, let's be honest having a puppy in the picture does help! Our goal with Animal Care Clinic was to modernize their website and continue to grow their already dedicated audience. We did this by creating a new website and strategically planning their social media content.

The Results

Animal Care Clinic's social media pages continue to perform well, reaching new people in and around the area. Their new website has streamlined their appointment process and they are spending more time doing what they love, taking care of those beautiful furbabies.

Animal Care Clinic website home page on laptop


Animal Care Clinic has a distinct logo and color scheme. We used this already established brand and brought it to life on their website.

Animal Care Clinic website home page on laptop
Animal Care Clinic Facebook page on laptop

Social Media

Animal Care Clinic has a very dedicated and loyal following. We worked with the staff at the clinic to showcase services and put a face to the wonderful service they provide. This helped show the world how much they care and expand their audience.

Animal Care Clinic Facebook page on laptop