Boosting Your Post: Why you should do it

Boosting your post blog header with graphic of a woman yelling into a drawn megaphone

You spend many hours creating content for your Facebook page and you want to ensure it’s gaining the exposure it and your business deserve. There are many way to boosting your post. But how can you tell if your information is getting to the right people? Facebook Boosts are there to help.

The benefits of boosting your posts are numerous. The organic reach of Facebook is declining according to Facebook itself, which means less people can see your content in their news feed. Facebook’s goal is to show more posts from users’ friends and family rather than brands. Facebook Boosts are the way around that.

Facebook Boosts are very easy to use. Once you select to boost a post, Facebook reviews it and then sends it out live. Any type of post including images, messages, videos or website links can be boosted. But the best part is, you are the one in control. You can stop a boost from running the full campaign time frame or choose to boost another post all together.

Reach a wider, more targeted audience by boosting. You can select the demographic you want to view your information, ensuring you’ll be reaching potential and current customers. You are able to set specific parameters for the people who will now see your post. With boosts, you are not limited to only the people who already subscribe to your Facebook page, allowing you to reach new individuals. For example, you can reach a very specific demographic, like 20 to 30-year-olds in your city or state.

You will get detailed analytics through Facebook Insights. The summery of your boosted post performance can be easily found. All you have to do is go to the Insights tab and click Posts. Here you will see a breakdown of all your posts, including the boosted ones, as well as the reach, clicks, reactions, comments and shares.

Boosting a Facebook post is easy and very effective. Once you boost your first post, you’ll see why it’s so important to consider utilizing advertising dollars in this area. Posts will reach more relevant audiences and all the hard work you’ve spent on your content will begin to really pay off.