Brick & Mortar – How To Work Together

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Instead of looking at your neighboring businesses as competitors, join arms and work together. You all have the same goal of bringing more customers in your front door and getting exposure. Think about the current reach you have, how many customers come into your door. Now think about your neighbors and how many people they reach. And more than likely you have a different customer base. Now, if you work together you are reaching way more people and most likely customers that normally wouldn’t stop by your place of business are suddenly intrigued because their favorite restaurant or shop is partnering with you. Remember, it doesn’t have to be your direct neighbor. It could be a place down the street; it can be across town, etc. It’s all about partnering and getting the word out.

Here are some creative ways to partner with businesses in your area:

Have a Saturday event where customers receive a punch card that has the logo of each business included. Customers are required to go to each business and receive a “punch” from each one. Once they have all their punches they are put into a drawing to receive a large prize. The prize could be a collaboration of items from each business like gift cards, items from your store, etc.

If you don’t want a physical event you can do a promotion on social media. Customers can comment and be put into a drawing for a prize. The prize can be the same as mentioned above.

Often times non-profits like United Way will ask you to help with a fundraiser. Instead of trying to do something on your own, you could partner with one or more neighboring businesses. If the fundraising event is located someplace neutral like a street party, share a booth or have booths close together. Take selfies and put them on social, tag each other. Promote each other, together.

Point is, don’t see others as competition but rather a way for everyone to work together to reach their goals.

Article written by guest writer Gretchen Thompson.