Building a stronger team

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Every day we work with groups of people, some of us share the same job duties and some of us have other responsibilities, but we are all a part of the same business. Team building is one of the most important parts of any size or type of business. The sense of feeling like you are part of something larger helps raise morale, gives an employee a sense of purpose and allows for better communication. After all, in a team oriented environment, your contributions impact the success of the business.

If you work in a setting where you are part of different departments, you’re working with others towards the bigger picture. Each department may have their own job duties, but those duties come together to create the final outcome. So how are some of the ways we can build a strong team and ensure the success of the organization?

  1. Cross-training. If you do work in different departments, encourage others to move around those departments and sit with another employee for a given amount of time. This is also known as shadowing. During that time, the employee will discuss what their duties are, how they are done, and what part of the overall picture they contribute to. Not only does this give a sense of comradery, it also gives the visiting employee knowledge that may help them do their own job duties and a better understanding of the final goal. This is also a wonderful time to talk about processes and discuss whether they need updating.
  2. Have a meet and greet. Cater a luncheon and split people up into random groups. Give them a common work problem and have them discuss possible ways to overcome the obstacle. This allows people to interact outside of their own department while talking about a common work issue. New ideas and resolutions often come from these types of gatherings.
  3. Hire a team building expert. Hiring a professional team building expert will allow everyone to take part in predetermined exercises which are designed specifically to allow employees to work together in solving different problems as a unit.

While there are many more group activities a business can experiment with, the underlying message is the same – working together as a team to find better ways to accomplish a common goal. Team building is essential for a business to run smoothly. After all, we must all work together for individual success!