Business Social Media Etiquette

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As with anything, there are always a set of standards and etiquette to abide by. Social media is no excuse. Having good social media etiquette for a business page is quite important. Good social media etiquette will help keep your brand valued and respected.

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the ultimate rule of social media. Be kind and post respectfully. Your platform is there to help people understand your business.

Respond Quickly: Business pages are more than likely going to receive questions or complaints. More consumers are turning towards social media as a source of customer service than ever before. When customers have questions or complaints, they want a fast and helpful response. Having a quick response helps show that you care. Respond reactively, especially if it is a negative comment. Handle these comments with kindness.

Post Reasonably: Make sure to avoid excessive posting, but you also do not want to under post. Many can say that they have quit following a page on social media because it filled their feed constantly and felt like spam. Don’t let that be you. Although excessive posting may seem like it can help your page gain more reach, it can actually do the opposite and cause you to lose followers.

Proper Grammar: Understanding that a business post is “permanent” and that posts with poor grammar or spelling make the page look less credible is a valid reason for a content creator to take time when creating a post. Take a moment to check grammar and spelling before posting it for everyone to see. Let’s be honest, taking the time to double-check before posting can keep your social media page accurate and trustworthy.

Keep Business and Personal Accounts Separate: Make sure that your personal posts go on your personal page and that business posts go on the business page. It is better for businesses to remain neutral on touchy issues. The purpose of a business page is to post engaging content for customers in a professional and helpful manner. If you feel strongly about specific issues that are unrelated to your brand or business, it is better to post it on a personal account.

Properly Present Your Business: Be honest with your audience. Show them what your business is capable of. Show off the strengths and specialties of your business and how you are there for your customers. This will help bring customer loyalty and trust. You can even go about teaching your audience by posting tips and tactics relating to your field.

Etiquette is nothing new to us. We have been taught etiquette throughout our entire lives. Use your platform in a positive way, to help showcase your business and its strengths.