Cleaning the Clutter

Cleaning out the clutter blog description

New year, new habits! With the new year here, it’s time to take into consideration cleaning out the clutter in your life – the electronic clutter. How many emails have you accumulated over the last year or so? How many services did you sign up for only to forget and let them go without a second thought? Cleaning out the clutter from your electronic world will help organize and keep your electronic world free from problems.

Emails: Take the time to go through all your emails, as daunting as that may seem. Organize your email folders with clear and straight forward names, put important emails in those folders, and go through old emails and delete what no longer applies to you and your needs. Getting rid of the bulk of your emails will not only organize your inbox but give your mind a sense of ease knowing that everything is in its rightful place. No more searching around endless emails looking for one particular email.

Software Downloads: Do you really need all the software downloads you ended up installing over the last year(s)? Go through your hard-drive and find any outdated or unnecessary software programs that you no longer need. It will surprise you how much is actually on your hard-drive, and how much you don’t need. Be careful not to delete items you do need. It might be a good idea to have someone handy in this area to help you clean up your computer.

Streaming Services: With the ability to stream from a multitude of devices and apps, there’s a good chance you have apps on your phone you no longer use or forgot about altogether. Go through your app’s location on all your electronic devices and remove any streaming apps (or games) you no longer use. Chances are you stick to two or three apps for all your streaming services, so having any obscure apps is only taking up space on your phone or tablet.

These are just a few suggestions on how to clean the electronic clutter in your life. Making a habit of cleaning out the clutter will not only keep your computer and mobile devices running smoothly but will help give you peace of mind knowing that everything is in its place.