Creating a Stress Free Environment

The hustle and bustle of a busy work day can often drain your mental state and lead to stress. From a distant ringing phone to trying to find that most recent report, there are many interruptions to face.  So how do you create a work environment free of added stress and distractions? Here are a few simple ideas:

Keep a Clutter Free Desk

Get rid of the mess of sticky notes, the piles of papers and clutter. Put all papers in your inbox and go through them one by one until they are done or in order. Next, cleanup unnecessary clutter. Keep only one or two personal items and remove all the other knickknack’s, phone messages and notes. You may even want to go as far as putting your pens, staplers, paper clips in an assigned drawer.

Simplify Your Computer

Review your computer desktop and take note of what you use the most. Excessive icons can be visual clutter so you may want to create folders to store programs and documents of a similar nature. Use a simple and serene picture as your background and try to only have one document open at a time if possible.

Set Up A Filing System That Works For You

Simple filing systems allow for a fast and clutter free filing habit. If you keep plenty of folders and labels in a drawer, nothing will stop you from creating that folder and getting another item out of your inbox. Set yourself up for success.

Use Music To Set The Mood

Music can help keep you on point during the day. If your employer allows you to use headphones at your desk, wearing them can help you tune out conversations and other office noises that may normally distract you. Just make sure you’re available to your coworkers and phone calls when needed.

Although there will always be some sort of distraction or stress happening around you, if you work towards a clutter free and calming work station, you’ll be amazed at how much less stress you will feel and efficient you become.