Customer Reviews: Defining Improvements

Customer reviews: defining improvements blog header with graphic of person deciding between icons of thumbs to the side, up, and down.

Did you know that 90% of people will hesitate to make a purchase, online or otherwise if there isn’t a review associated with the item or business? Opening up to the thought of customer reviews can be scary, but it’s an important way to maximize your businesses potential and can also help you identify areas in need of improvements. Customer feedback can make or break a service so responding to positively to any negative comment or review is critical.

No one wants to hear bad reviews, including your other customers. Take the time to address a negative comment by spinning it into a positive. If someone says the service was slow, thank them for leaving a comment and say that you will look into it. Most importantly, do what you say you’re going to do. Maybe there is room for improving the speed in which a customer was greeted or served. Perhaps it means you need to hire or streamline the procedure. Whatever the case, responding to the complaint and looking into the matter can help gain trust from other customers. The more a review, negative or positive, is left without a response, the more potential customers may feel as if you don’t care, and if that’s the case, then why should they? Reviews allow you to define where improvements are needed most.

When a positive remark is made, make sure to respond to those as well. If someone purchases an item online or in your store and reviews the item in a positive way, respond with a thank you. The more reviews a service or product receives, the more other customers will consider a purchase with you.

Customer reviews are such an important and useful tool and can greatly help you gain the business you are hoping for. Trust from your customers is the number one key to being successful – no matter what your business is about. If you have the trust, you have a customer for life.