Do holidays really bring in more customers?

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It might seem like any day would be a good day to run a sale or have an event to showcase your business and all the services you offer, but in fact, the best days to do just that are holidays. The potential for new customers expand during a holiday since people are more likely searching on the go and are already in the mindset that they will be buying something, so why not make it you they buy from?

When we say holiday’s we’re not just talking about Christmas time either. Any holiday that has a history of bringing out the shopping spirit in consumers is a good holiday to run a weekend sale, hold a special event, or run a campaign. Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day are just two holidays when your customers will be out and about searching for a deal. Make sure you’re ahead of your competition by planning a sale or open house.

For a successful holiday sale, you’ll want to:

  1. Know which holidays bring out the shoppers
  2. Plan a special and creative sale or event during that time
  3. Advertise your event or specials

Before you know it, you’ll be giving current and new customers the right reasons to stop by and see what you have to offer!