Do More with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an ocean of data, giving insight on your website’s performance and search behavior. While most people only get into the basics, you can dive in further in order to really push your marketing efforts. Here are some more advanced features to help you get the most out of Google Analytics (GA).

  • Do you know your audience, like really know them? Become a super sleuth and get to really know your audience. If you enable GA’s audience reporting features, you can obtain demographic information relating to your visitors. Learn the age, gender, location, device used, and interests based on their online and purchasing activities. This information can help fine tune your message and really get through to your users so your targeted campaigns will make the biggest impact.
  • Do you know how users are finding your website? Acquisition tells you where your users originated from. Are they coming from Facebook, Google, or your link on the Chamber of Commerce website? Knowing where your traffic is coming from confirms which online marketing efforts are working well and where to focus your future efforts.
  • How do users move through your website? Learning what page people start on and what page they leave from can help you improve website experience. Reviewing your top landing and exit pages as well as reviewing behavior flow can help you prioritize when making website updates and experiment with calls to action.
  • Did your users do what you wanted them to do? You got the user to your website, but do you know what they did? Event tracking lets you know if the user completed your goal – whether it’s making a purchase, completing a form, or clicking the call button. Goals allow you to track when these are completed, a.k.a. a conversion. Next, review conversion data for demographics of who is completing/not completing your goals. You can use this information to tailor your messaging or design to hopefully increase completions.

Knowing your audience, how they find and interact with your website, and whether they take the action you want are a big deal. Google Analytics provides you this information so you can be sure your website is performing the way you want it to, and you are making the most of your marketing efforts. If you are ready to do or learn more with your Google Analytics, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group today and we can help you become a Google Analytics wizard.