Employee Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Showing appreciation to employees is essential for developing and maintaining a team of dedicated individuals. Recently, Pinnacle Marketing Group held an Appreciation Lunch specially designed around all their employees. CEO Shelly Geerdes spoke about the many accomplishments that Pinnacle Marketing Group achieved throughout 2016. Notable Years of Service were honored with employees celebrating 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service along with a video presentation highlighting various events and activities. The afternoon was topped off with a personalized and creative take on the board game Clue that all employees participated in.

When your employees feel like part of a team, it’s easy for them to give 100%. Knowing they have proper support from management and that management has support from one another creates a smooth and well-oiled machine, consistently producing the best products and services your company can achieve. Show your employees they matter and see the morale skyrocket!