Employee Involvement for Better Morale

Employee involvement for better morale blog header

Creating a strong and healthy work environment is easier than it may seem. Keeping employees happy and engaged by sponsoring an employee sports league, holding a family picnic or event, or even in-house activities can reenergize everyday work life. Here at Pinnacle Marketing Group, we host several employee events throughout the year, but hands down the Pin-Olympics is a favorite. Employees sign up to be placed on a random team and a series of events is held. Anything from an obstacle course to a work-related Q&A is fair game. Oh, and don’t forget the mini-golf!

Involving your employees with even the smallest activity helps boost morale and in turn helps the overall productivity of your business. When morale is up then contentment is up and employee loss is down. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Hold a potluck lunch
  2. Hand out a special treat
  3. Host a family picnic
  4. Enlist an employee team for a community event (parade, festival, charity walk)
  5. Have a small team work on creating employee events for your business

The biggest obstacle in today’s business is keeping everyone happy. A big step is to recognize your employees and let them know they are worth a little something special. A little appreciation can go a long way, so get out there and have fun!