Facebook Live: What is it and how should you use it?

Facebook live: what is it and how should you use it blog header

As video becomes one of the most popular ways for marketers to engage with consumers, small businesses are increasingly using Facebook Live to build their social media presence.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is one of Facebook’s newest – and more popular – features that allows users to stream live video from their smartphones directly to their personal or business profile. Followers can view and engage with these videos in real-time, increasing the brand’s reach across Facebook.

Why should Facebook Live be part of your social media strategy?

First, it’s an excellent way to promote the human element of your business. By associating a professional, welcoming face with your business, potential customers will have more confidence in buying your product or service.

Facebook Live is also a very cost-effective tool in your digital marketing toolbox. As the use of video in marketing strategies increases, many businesses struggle with the cost and time associated with producing high-quality video content for their customers. Facebook Live is an advantage here – you don’t need an expensive camera or editing skills. All you need is your smart phone and a little creativity. Plus, many of your followers enjoy the live, unedited approach to your live videos.

Another benefit of Facebook Live is that it drives more traffic to your business’s Facebook page. By creating a regular stream of videos for your followers, you can keep them up-to-date with what is happening with your business while creating excitement around the page itself. Those who follow your page will soon begin commenting on your videos, pictures, and updates, increasing the reach of your page.

Wondering how you might implement Facebook Live in your social media marketing strategy?

Here are some examples for different industries:

Contractor: Provide a live update to followers about the progress of a residential construction project or explain a unique feature of an apartment building’s design.

Pet Boarder: Everyone loves seeing pets, especially their own. Provide peace-of-mind and joy by using Facebook Live to show current and potential customers that the furry friends in your care are happy and healthy throughout the day.

Antique Shop Owner: Do you have an item in stock that is rare, unique, or historically significant? Share your knowledge about the item with your followers (and the world!) by talking about the item and its history. Soon, you’ll be considered an expert in the mind of the consumer.

Medical Professional: Go Live to give tips about how to stay healthy or offer information about a common illness or disease for the benefit of your followers.

No matter the industry, Facebook Live is a tool that your small businesses can use to increase engagement and boost traffic to your company’s Facebook page. For more information about Facebook Live, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group’s Marketing Team.

Eric S.
Marketing Strategist/Account Manager