Filming Video for Advanced Creators

Filming video for advanced creators blog description

So you’ve mastered the basics and are ready to take the next step with video. Read on for expert advice on equipment, software, and how to get the greatest number of eyes on the prize!

Advanced equipment

Perhaps you want a more stable shot, better lighting, or improved audio quality. We’ve covered our favorite video accessories in a previous article. Have confidence before you buy that these valuable tools are worth the money.

Editing Mastery

When you want more video editing options than free software can offer, we strongly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro. As the industry standard, Premiere lets you edit footage in any format, up to 8k resolution. Adobe also provides a huge free library of tutorials ranging from the basics to advanced editing. The ever-growing set of features makes this software a powerful tool for pro video editing.

Increasing Exposure with Advertising & SEO

At the end of the day, even the best video can’t publish and market itself. Beyond publishing your video to social media and your website, consider boosting its value by working with a marketing agency to expand your viewership. Your video can be broadcast on television or as a digital advertisement to your target market. In addition to advertising, there’s an ever-evolving art to optimizing your reach through SEO. Increase clicks by posting engaging thumbnail images, using key phrases and details in your video’s description. Even the time of day you post your video can boost views!  For full marketing services, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group for a FREE consultation.