Filming Video for Beginners

Filming video for beginners blog header with image of a smartphone on a tripod

You’re looking to showcase your business with video and want to make it yourself. We’re here to share our advice on how to get started.

The Technology & Technique

While it’s tempting to buy the best new equipment on the market, you don’t need more than some basic equipment you probably already own. Using a phone or tablet device to record video is perfectly acceptable.  Just be sure to turn your device horizontally! Taking care to remove clutter from your film area, adjusting your lighting and eliminating distracting background noises will make your subject shine.

Tell Us Who You Are

Be sure to mention name of your business, where you’re located, and how people can engage with you. This includes your phone number, your website, and other social media platforms you’re on. Lean into your strengths to showcase how you’re different from your competitors. Do not be afraid to brag!

What’s the takeaway for your audience?

Have a goal! Focus on what you want your customers to do after watching your video and encourage that action. Jot down the most important talking points or prepare a script to make this easier to remember. Your viewer should walk away planning to support you.

Editing & Publishing

When it comes to editing your video, there’s many free options to get you started. We recommend iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or OpenShot. While they’re not industry-standard for professional workflows, they’ll allow you to edit basic transitions, add text, and edit audio tracks. Remember the K.I.S.S. method and keep it simple with video effects. When it comes to sharing your video, there’s nearly unlimited options. We recommend starting with YouTube for hosting, then expanding to your business’ most commonly used social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to publish your video on your website as well!

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re finding this guide to be a bit daunting, don’t fret. Any skill is built through experience. Still stuck? Pinnacle offers a variety of video services to make your marketing goals are reality, so you can focus on the business you run.