Getting Started with Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for crafting and DIY projects, it is about expressing your creativity and posting it for others to be inspired. If you have a company that is motivated by creativity, Pinterest is a social media outlet that you should start using now. We provided some simple tips to help you get started on Pinterest.

Keep it Business Focused

Yes, I know it can be tough trying to find that balance on Pinterest from personal to business interest. There is a lot of information on Pinterest and deciphering which is useful for you personally as compared to what is useful for your company can be tricky. The key is to help promote your business by informing others. You want others to go to your company for advice about your services. Say your company is in the real estate industry, you will want to pin things that are beneficial to that industry to try and target the right viewers.

Explore your creativity

Like I stated before, there is so much information on Pinterest so don’t be afraid to hit that explore button and see what is out there to help get you inspired. By scrolling through different posts, it can be easier to figure out how you want to display your company through this social media outlet.

Reliable Sources

If you choose to repin things onto your boards, then you should make sure the link that is attached to the image is a reliable source. It is super easy to get caught up on repinning, but you need to make sure that your viewers know that you provide quality content for them. If they click on a link that was connected to one of your pins and it takes them to a sketchy website, it could make your company lose some credibility because you promoted that superficial website on your account.

Claim It

Another way to make sure you have reliable sources is by creating original content yourself and making sure the website is linked to your business website so if they wanted to know more about that topic they can learn about it from your company. It is also easier to view the analytics of what is and what isn’t working for your account by claiming your website in the account settings.

Pinnacle Marketing Group – Blog Post – Samantha Schueller