Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a mobile friendly site blog description

The use of the smartphone or tablet to look up businesses on the go has drastically exceeded the use of a desktop computer. With that being the case, having a mobile-friendly website has never been more important. A mobile-friendly website means having a website that is easily accessed, viewed and navigated using a smartphone or tablet. It’s been designed to display properly on smaller screens and will format the content in a mobile-friendly manner.

Mobile-friendly sites will have a faster download speed, larger text, friendly navigation, and touch-friendly buttons. You want every possible customer to have a positive experience with your website and having a mobile version ready to go will allow all smartphone and tablet users that experience.

If your website takes too long to download or is difficult to use on a mobile device, it will impact your online presence. The better mobile experience you can give to the population, the more likely you will have the chance to generate new business. You never know when a visitor will arrive on your site, so it’s that much more important to make sure your website works on all devices.

Getting a mobile-friendly site isn’t that difficult, especially if your current website is already well designed and coded. But if you find yourself struggling with creating a mobile site, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group today for a free consultation.