Helping Kids be Safe Online

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Google has recently unleashed a new curriculum targeted towards kids, helping them become ‘safe, confident explores of the online world’. They have developed an interactive game for kids to use in order to understand the importance of online security. The game, called Interland, is an ‘online adventure that puts the key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practice’. They have also developed the Be Internet Awesome Curriculum for educators to teach online safety in the classroom. Focusing on 5 different levels, the game covers all the basic needs of online security and practice. The 5 lessons are:

Be Internet Smart – Share with Care. This teaches the responsibility a child has in thoughtful sharing. Keeping personal details private.

Be Internet Alert – Don’t Fall for Fake. This helps kids be aware that some situations online might not be what they seem.

Be Internet Strong – Secure Your Secrets. Safeguarding valuable information helps kids avoid damaging devices, reputations, and relationships.

Be Internet Kind – It’s Cool to Be Kind. Basically, it’s the “Treat others as you would like to be treated” lesson.

Be Internet Brave – When in Doubt, Talk It Out. When kids come across something questionable, they should feel comfortable talking to a trusted adult. Open communication from both ends.

With the rising amount of security hackers out there in cyberspace, kids can become the next generation of internet security with a little help from Google. They will be thoughtful about what they share, how they share, and who they share with. Be Internet Awesome and learn more HERE.