Helping You Be Productive

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There are times when a deadline is looming over you, or you have a ton of work you need to get done in a week or day. How do you stay on task and make your workday an incredibly productive one? Here are some tips to help you get your tasks done quickly and efficiently.

  1. Limit interruptions. Let coworkers, family, and friends know that you have a complicated workday and that you will need to have an ‘interruption-free’ day.
  2. Start early or unusually late. When you start early or later than normal, time perception changes. Step outside your normal hours and start working at 5 am or 6 pm and work through the night. Change the normal routine.
  3. Stop looking at the clock. Don’t decide you will only work for a limited time. Set a high amount of working hours and stop looking at the clock – you will be surprised how quickly time will fly and how much work you can get done when you stop watching time slowly go by.
  4. Recharge before you need to. Don’t wait to take a break. Take it before you feel like you need it. Eat before you fully need to. Be proactive so you don’t feel the discomfort that can take away your motivation. Plan meals ahead of time so you can eat quickly and get to your project.
  5. Keep at it until it’s done. Stopping before you are done with something is habit-forming. If you are feeling your motivation dying, keep at it, and break through that barrier. This will help you go the distance and finish your project in full.

Many things can distract us from completing a task. Keeping clear boundaries, stop worrying about the time, breaking before you need to, and remembering to recharge will all help you be the most productive possible. Reach your deadline by stepping out of the norm and working hard to obtain success.