How to be a positive co-worker.

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Sometimes it’s not easy to stay positive. Perhaps you’re having a bad day, something at home has happened and bringing it in to work is almost a guarantee. And that’s ok. We all have bad days, other things going on around us, stressors and distractions. It’s allowed. However, when it starts to affect your daily life inside the workplace, you may need to take a step back and evaluate where you are.

In an office setting there are many different hats being worn. Managers, supervisors, co-workers…and in the rush that is business today, it’s easy to become frustrated if something isn’t going the way it needs to be. When this happens, instead of taking your frustrations out on others, or causing more stress on yourself, take a step back, breathe and start again. It’s never too late to restart your day and your co-workers will appreciate your efforts. So how are some ways you can stay positive when it feels like you’re sinking? Here are some easy ways to let the stress out:

  1. Take a break. Taking a 15-minute break and leaving the office area can rejuvenate your thought process.
  2. Shake it off. Get up, stretch, and start again.
  3. Take a walk. Walking helps alleviate stress, gets the blood pumping and refreshes your spirit.
  4. Listen to relaxing music. Listening to relaxing music can help lower blood pressure, ease the mind and relax the muscles.

Trying these techniques when times are difficult will help you stay positive, give you a calmer sense of being, and make your day the best it can be. Remember, everyone is going to have a bad day, just don’t let that day run you over. You can take charge and turn it around.