How to Get Customers to Return

How to get customers to return blog description with image of a woman wearing a mask at a retail store

We know that COVID-19 has done damage to our local businesses, and many businesses want to know ways to bring back their customer base now that many establishments are re-opening. The hesitation to go into a brick and mortar store may still be there, but there are things you can do to help ease the minds of your customers.

Have a plan. If you have a plan that follows all the new guidelines set forth by your city, state, and federal rules, you’ll be ahead of the game. So, what are some questions you should be asking in order to have a plan in place?

  1. How can you maintain social distancing in your store? Maybe you’ll have to rearrange the layout a little to allow for distancing.
  2. How will you comply with the new protocols? Make sure you read up on what the new re-opening guidelines are in your area.
  3. Will you require all employees, and maybe even customers, to wear masks? What will you do if someone complains and refuses to comply with your decisions?
  4. Will you have a plan for closing and cleaning if one of your employees or a customer tests positive for coronavirus?
  5. How will you convey your COVID-19 messages clearly to your customers?

There are many questions you’ll need to answer, but these 5 will put you on the right path to re-opening your store location. You’ll be giving new confidence to hesitant customers.

It’s been a difficult uphill battle to remain open during this time, but making sure to have answers to the tough questions and a plan of action that you stick with will allow you to unlock that door and proudly put up your open sign again.

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