How To Increase Those Facebook “Likes”

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Everyone with a Facebook business page would love to see the number of their followers increase. But how do you get those consumers to go to and follow your page? Well, one surefire way is to create a campaign. That may mean spending a few dollars, but Facebook actually offers small to large campaign options so selecting one right for you and your budget has never been easier. Campaigns allow a business owner to select the demographics of their typical customer base. Target the right audience and those ‘likes’ will come rolling in.

Another way is to make sure you’re pumping out a lot of content. And not just any content, but relevant content. Offer a “mention you saw this on Facebook” coupon or give-away incentive. Train your staff to help with the content, as this can be very time consuming. There are also businesses that can help you if you find you don’t have the time available to ensure a solid Facebook business page.

Remember to brand your page to be consistent with your business branding. The more people see your brand, the more recognizable it will become. Acting in a consistent manner will lend a sense of reliability to your fan base. Encourage reviews and always respond to those reviews whether they are good or less than favorable. Responding to the negative in a positive matter shows you are listening and in turn can flip a bad review into a good outcome.

Above all else, be current. Post daily, and multiple times a day if possible. Consumers can get frustrated if information is outdated or no longer relevant. Your Facebook page needs to be up-to-date, clean, consistent, and engaging. Now go start that campaign and watch your fan base grow!