How to Keep Productive Throughout Your Day

Let’s face it, staying fully engaged and productive throughout the work day can be a challenge. Most of us feel like we are dragging by the day’s end. How can we help get rid of the struggle and focus more on staying productive? According to Bradley Tusk, Founder of Tusk Ventures and Tusk Strategies, keeping a strict regime will greatly enhance your work abilities and cut down on the drag we often feel.

First things first. Your morning routine. Tusk states the keeping a morning routine is critical to having a productive day. Getting up each morning at the same time, eating a healthy breakfast, meditating or writing in a gratitude journal, and reading the newspaper are all positive steps to help maintain your level of production.

Taking mental breaks in order to refresh is vital. But that doesn’t have to mean watching TV or vegging out. Here are some ideas Tusk reports are great for mental breaks:

  1. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or the like
  2. Reading fiction
  3. Listening to a Podcast

Just because you’re taking a mental break doesn’t mean you should stop learning. The above activities help focus your mind while you unwind.

The final step is going to bed early. Tusk states that his happiness and productivity are highest on a real night’s sleep. And in order to get a good sleep, he makes sure that all emails have been responded to, calls returned and a to-do list is complete for the next work day. For the full article, please visit HERE.