Improve Those Facebook Engagements – The Trick of Time

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Are you posting on your Facebook page but not seeing the engagement you were hoping for? As it happens, there’s a time and a place to post to ensure greater results. Did you know that there are generally three times in the day where readership is at its highest? Early morning, around 7 a.m., After work near 5 p.m., and later at night around 11 p.m. Posting or scheduling a post for those hours will ensure you are reaching the readers and your followers at the right time.

And it isn’t just times of the day that matter. Thursdays and Fridays have a higher engagement rate with the weekend being some of the highest all together. Here is a breakdown of days and times to best engage with your customers from writer Lauren Drell:

  • Entertainment: Friday, Saturday and Sunday are huge, as that is when people are most inclined to see a movie or go to a concert. However, entertainment brands post twice as much content on a weekday than a Saturday or Sunday.
    Tip: Take advantage of the weekend.
  • Media: Weekends have strong engagement for media brands, but Mondays are weak. During the study period, most posts went out during the week.
    Tip: Avoid Monday.
  • Automotive: Auto brands see the most engagement on Sundays, but less than 8% of posts go out on that day.
    Tip: Capitalize on Sunday.
  • Business and Finance: Engagement peaks on Wednesday and Thursday, though this industry tends to spread its posts even on Monday through Friday.
    Tip: Post on Wednesday.
  • Retail: Sunday is a big day for engagement on the shopping and retail front, but only 5% of entertainment posts go up on Sunday. The industry’s posts lean heavily toward Friday, which has below-average engagement.
    Tip: Target shoppers on Sunday.
  • Fashion: Engagement peaks on Thursday but dips on the weekend. The industry pushes the most content on Tuesday, the day with the lowest engagement.
    Tip: Optimize engagement on Thursday.
  • Healthcare and Beauty: Like fashion — perhaps because consumers are shopping and preparing for the weekend — healthcare and beauty brands see the most engagement on Thursday. But a lot of content is posted on Mondays and Fridays, when engagement is lower.
    Tip: Post content on Thursday.
  • Food and Beverage: More than the other verticals, the food and beverage brands do a good job of spreading their posts throughout the week and weekend. But in this case, engagement peaks on Tuesday and Saturday and dips on Monday and Thursday.
    Tip: Target Tuesday.
  • Sports: Not surprisingly, especially during football season, Sunday is king for sports brands and teams on Facebook. This data is affected by the fact that Super Bowl Sunday fell during the data collection period, but Sundays remain strong during other weeks, too.
    Tip: Increase your post volume on Sunday.
  • Travel and Hospitality: The highest engagement occurs on Thursday and Friday, when the week is winding down and people are looking to escape from the office.
    Tip: Get these eyeballs at the end of the week.