Instagram: Marketing for Your Business

Instagram Marketing for your business - blog header

Did you know that out of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram is the most popular worldwide? Established in 2010, Instagram allows users to share photos and videos, which has helped give businesses a new way to market their products and services.

Setting up a business profile on Instagram is easy as long as you understand the analytics designed for people to search and find your site. Here are some easy steps to get your Instagram profile up and running:

Switching Between Personal and Business Profiles: There is an easy way to switch between your personal account and your business account. Just tap on the menu bar at the top right of your account and then click on the settings. Then select the Switch to Professional Account.

Select a Category: You will be directed to select a category to best describe what your business is about. After you select your category, you will be asked if you are a Creator or a Business. Select the Business option since it will be best for retailers. Local businesses, brands, and such.

Promote Your Posts: To get more followers, click on any post, and hit Promote. You can set your audience, budget, and how long you would like to promote the post. You can also customize your own audience to direct your posts towards.

After you are all set up, you can begin selling your products or services online throughout the platform. By promoting, customers can shop directly with you. Linking your Instagram profile with other social media giants like Facebook will allow you to reach even more potential customers. You can even create Instagram ads for Facebook.

Instagram will help create brand awareness and will keep users engaged with the on-goings of your business. Make use of the options Instagram has to offer. Different colors, backgrounds, fonts, all of which can catch the eye of a potential customer. Don’t forget the Hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Good hashtags to include are Name, Product or Service, and Location.

With Instagram in your back pocket, you can post about your services, products, news events, and much more. Take advantage of the video options, which is the most involved form of marketing. It’s a powerful tool and one that grabs the attention of the public. Keep up to date with local trends, policies, marketing tools, and always pay attention to what your audience is doing. Instagram is an easy, all-encompassing marketing platform that’s just waiting for you to shine! If you are looking for help on any of the social media platforms, Pinnacle Marketing Group has your back! Contact us today and let your business soar!