Tips for Interview Success

Tips on having a successful interview blog header

Getting ready for an interview can be a nerve-racking and sometimes scary event. What do you wear, what should you talk about, what questions can you ask, what are they going to ask you? But with some simple rules to follow your interview will go smoothly.

  1. Always arrive 10 minutes early to any interview. Being prompt shows responsibility and respect.
  2. Dress professionally. Now is your chance to make a first impression.
  3. Smile, shake hands and make eye contact. Eye contact is crucial is letting the interviewee know you have real interest in what he or she may be saying.
  4. Do your homework. Know what the company does and how you can be an asset to their business. More than likely they will ask you this, so make sure to have 3 reasons why you would benefit the company.
  5. Be enthusiastic during the interview. Don’t talk about negative past experiences. Keep it positive.
  6. Come with questions. If they answer your question before you have a chance to ask, it’s okay. Let them know it was something you were curious about.
  7. Show a desire to learn new responsibilities and be flexible.

Even though interviews can be stressful, try to relax the night before and get a good night sleep so you are awake and present during your interview. Remember, they already want to know more about you so be yourself and everything will go well. And even if the position isn’t the perfect fit, they may remember you for another position in the future.