Is Your Wi-Fi Running the Best It Can?

Is your wifi running the best it can blog description with image of wifi symbol

Did you know that many factors can lead to your home Wi-Fi not performing at top speed? Wi-Fi allows a wide range of devices to connect without physically connecting them to your home router. But the strength and signal quality can be influenced by several different factors.

If you are undergoing home construction, the materials between the router and your device may be compromised.  Many construction materials can weaken your Wi-Fi signal. Metals can be a leading factor to low signal strength as it can reflect the Wi-Fi signal. This includes metal framework, ductwork, electrical panels, metal roofs, and more.

The age of your device is also a key factor in poor Wi-Fi performance. Many older computers and gaming consoles may use older technology that is unable to handle today’s higher speeds. Other electronics in your household are also common Wi-Fi blockers such as microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, and even certain types of fluorescent lighting. Try not to have these items blocking the path of your router to your device.

The number of devices sharing the Wi-Fi connection is a huge culprit slowing down your speed and quality. Every device connected to your Wi-Fi is sharing the total bandwidth of your home’s internet connection. If you have one person streaming a movie, another playing a game on a console, someone watching a smart TV, and yet another person searching the internet all at the same time, some users will notice slower performance compared to times when fewer devices are being used. Replacing your current router to one that will accommodate higher internet speeds will help with the amount of use you and your family may need.

And of course, the distance between the router and your device is a huge factor in poor Wi-Fi experience. If the router is located in the basement or first floor, a computer on the second floor may have a weaker connection than a computer on the first floor where the router is located.

There are a number of factors to consider when you find your Wi-Fi not performing the best that it can. Upgrading your router, making sure the age of your devices are as current as possible, and keeping the router from metal or other electronic devices such as a microwave, will all help you get the very best from your Wi-Fi.

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