Keeping it Current

Keeping it current blog description

How do you get potential customers interested? How do you know if you’ve given your potential customers the information they need to make an informed decision? Making sure you’re current and up to date with your information isn’t just important, it’s vital to making sure you’re being found where it matters most. Below are a few tips to make sure you’re covering all your bases when it comes to your advertising:

Make sure you list all your contact information. Business name and name of contact, phone number(s), address, and website/social media site information are extremely important. With nearly everyone searching online for the businesses they want; you’ve got to be current with your contact info in order to be found.

Engage the customer with a statement like: Call for A Free Estimate or a question like: Were You In An Accident? This can grab the attention of a customer and allow them to feel like you are reaching out for their business.

Give them a reason why they should call you rather than your competitor. What business attributes make your business stand out from the rest? What services do you specialize in, products you carry, or location area you might service?

With your online presence, you should also consider including your business hours and payment options. Consumers want to know when you’re available for their business and what types of payment options are available before they contact you.

Being as up to date with your information as possible will help you be found and will improve your relationship with your clients. You will be considered a trustworthy business and one customers will want to work with.