Keeping Your Doors Open, Virtually

Keeping the doors open blog description

With the outbreak of COVID-19, small businesses have been forced to shut their doors for a limited amount of time. However, there is hope for many of these small businesses to succeed amidst the pandemic. With the use of technology and some creative thinking, many small businesses will be able to keep their doors open, virtually speaking.

Small gyms are bringing the workout to your home with online workout sessions, restaurants are offering online ordering with either delivery or curbside pickup, and gift stores have started up an online gallery and ordering system on their websites.

More businesses are turning their marketing efforts to social media, reaching out to a wider audience then they may have had before. Social media is a powerhouse for small businesses of any genre. As people are confined to their homes, they have turned to social media to get their news, communicate with others and explore new areas they might not have. I, myself, have recently (behind the ball) discovered Snapchat and am learning the ropes along with my co-workers. Instagram is a great way to showcase what you have to offer, be it bakery items, gift shops, clothing, or any other type of services you offer.

Now is the time to really assess your marketing strategy, by determining the channels your customers are on and communicating to them in an effective way. Sponsoring an ad on Facebook, having a contest to keep your fans interested and thinking about you, and updating your website to accommodate online sales or service offerings are all actions you can take to help ‘keep your doors open’. Videos on services, how-to’s, and virtual tours of your small business can excite those searching online while at home. Host online events like an online store browsing or buying event.

With a little creativity and the right marketing, your small business may be able to thrive during these uncertain times. If you would like help with your marketing efforts during the COVID-19 lockdown, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group. We are here to help you with all your marketing needs.