Learn to be Engaging!

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You’ve built your Facebook profile, Twitter page, and/or LinkedIn profile. However, no matter the social media platform/s you have decided to use, it isn’t enough to have the page. Engagement from you, the business owner, is one of the most important steps you can take to put yourself out there and catch the interest of potential customers. Engaging through social media gives more of a voice to the business and is more interactive than a website alone. It’s a branding opportunity and where many of your customers will go to find information about your business.

These social media platforms are a way to communicate with a business owner letting customers share which services they appreciate, any concerns they might have, and comments they may leave. It’s vital to respond to those comments to let your patrons know you care about the same things they do. Monitoring your social media pages multiple times a day and responding within a few minutes to a question or comment is ideal. If you wait too long, your customer may venture elsewhere. You want to build that rapport with the public and if you do, then you will gain followers and customers in turn.

Post engaging and relevant material pertaining to your business and think about holding a contest or adding a video to your social media site. These are easy-to-do items that create a positive buzz from current and potential customers alike.