Learning the Ins and Outs at Pinnacle Marketing Group

Finally, it’s the start of my last semester of my senior year at Bemidji State University. I have just received an internship at Pinnacle Marketing Group and I am ready to learn the ins and outs of working at a marketing agency. Right off the bat I was included in meetings and was encouraged to give my opinions or ideas on projects for the team. It’s one thing for them to include me in on the meetings, but they genuinely cared about what I had to say which is a great feeling for an intern who spends most of their shift feeling confused and overwhelmed.

I got to learn about different types of design services such as social media, website design, video creation, content creation, and other forms of marketing campaigns. As a person who spends quite an amount of time on Pinterest, I was extremely excited when one of my projects was to help manage the Pinterest account. Perks of being a millennial I guess, just kidding.

I got my own cubicle and plenty of storage space that I don’t really need but enjoy, because I have so many options on where to store my purse. After shadowing and learning more about the company, they started to assign me projects where I get to use my creativity for design and writing. As you have probably noticed by now, one of my little projects is to write this blog post to help give you an insight of what it is like being an intern here at Pinnacle Marketing Group. Honestly, this is exactly what I wanted when I applied, I wanted more marketing experience and I am gaining that marketing and design knowledge at a faster pace than I would in a class room. I’m excited to see what I will learn in the next couple of months!