Learning the Shortcuts

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Learning new office programs can be a daunting task, but with just a few quick internet searches you can find easy shortcuts to help you get to know the program faster and help you become more confident and efficient. One of the most used programs is Excel. Here are a few quick tricks to help you with your next Excel spread sheet (these are for PC & MAC’s):

  1. CTRL + Space will allow you to select the entire column
  2. Shift + Enter will move any active cell up in a selection
  3. Tab will move the active cell right in a selection
  4. Shift + Tab will move an active cell left
  5. Enter will move the cell down in a selection
  6. Esc will cancel the selection

Another popular program is Microsoft Word. It’s the most basic writing program, but it can do so much more than just be a plain word document. You can create and insert graphs, charts, pictures, track changes and so much more. There are many keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Word. Learn to be more productive by using some of these shortcuts:

  1. CTRL + A will select all the information in your document
  2. CTRL + B allows you to bold selected words
  3. CTRL + C will copy selected text
  4. CTRL + V will paste the copied text
  5. CTRL + P opens the print window
  6. CTRL + Z will undo any mistakes you may have made

These may be two of the many programs you use for work, but because of how common they are to the workplace, it’s important to know how to be as proficient as possible so your work stands out in the most effective way possible.