LinkedIn: Why You Should Be on It

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With all the social media platforms out there to choose to showcase your business, LinkedIn is one to help showcase the career side of things. It’s a social network for professionals to use to find other like-minded businesses, meet other professionals, or recruit new employees. Not unlike Facebook, it’s easy to use and fairly straightforward. Here are a few tips how to use LinkedIn according to Lifewire:

  1. Get back in touch with old colleagues. You can use the My Network section to find old colleagues, teachers, people you went to school with and anyone else you might think is worth having in your professional network.
  2. Use your profile as your resume. Your LinkedIn profile basically represents a more complete (and interactive) resume. You can include it as a link perhaps in an email or your cover letter when you apply to jobs. Some websites that allow you to apply to jobs will even allow you to connect to your LinkedIn profile to import all your information.
  3. Find and apply to jobs. You’ll always get recommendations from LinkedIn about jobs you may be interested in, but you can always use the search bar to look for specific positions too.
  4. Find and connect with new professionals. It’s great to get back in touch with old colleagues and connect with everyone at your current workplace who may also be on LinkedIn, but what’s even better is that you have the opportunity to discover new professionals either locally or internationally that may be able to help out with your professional endeavors. 

LinkedIn has feature’s that Facebook, and other social networks, don’t have. There is a Network section which allows you to find a list of professionals you’re connected with and add to that list by searching. Job postings are a big part of LinkedIn and people looking for a new career use LinkedIn to see what is out in the professional world. The Interest section allows you to follow company pages and groups according to location or interest.

There are many different features to LinkedIn but the sum of it is this: if you are a business, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to use for connecting with other professionals and job recruitment possibilities. Take advantage of LinkedIn today and see how it helps place the right professionals in the right positions.