Make Your Website Work for You

"Make Your Website Work for You"

Have you ever gone to a website and instantly noticed how dated it looked? You probably didn’t trust the information being provided and questioned if the business was legitimate. By regularly reviewing and updating your website visitors will know they’re getting reliable and current information about your business, services, pricing, and contact information.

In addition to gaining customer confidence, an updated site earns trust with Google and other search engines. Search algorithms like to see that a website is frequently updated, as their mission is to provide searchers the most updated and useful results across the entire internet.

Where to start?

It’s difficult to know how to improve if you don’t know where you’re currently sitting. There are loads of tools available to audit and monitor your website. Learn about them in our article here:

If your website is doing great, congratulations! Any updates you make will just make it better. If it isn’t doing as well as you would like, now is the time to make improvements.


  • Review Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Analyze SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • What content is being interacted with and what’s not
  • Identify areas to improve

Keep your goals in mind.

Revamping your website can be fun, but make sure it doesn’t get in the way of user experience. While you go through your website, keep in mind your audience, the objective, the action you want users to take, and make that action easy to achieve. Instead of fully revamping the site, consider updating the header and footer. Changing this can make a big impact on user experience and overall website look, while being much simpler than starting from scratch.

Is your content current?

Make sure your visitors are getting the most up to date information they need. Many industries move quickly and constantly evolve. Some good things to check and update each year are:

  • Years of service
  • Employee photos
  • Hours
  • Contact information

Do you still offer the same services, or has your company expanded? Make sure visitors know about your new products or services. If you’ve expanded, it’s also possible you’ll need to update the “About Us” page along with the Team or Staff page. One great way to easily update the look of your website is by adding new photos. Before & After photos are great for businesses that offer services, or make sure to showcase your products in use.

I need help updating my website.

Thankfully, most website providers assist in updating your website. Pinnacle Marketing Group includes 30 minutes of revisions every month in the standard website package. Take this opportunity to request website updates or ask your account manager what recommendations they have for enhancing your site’s performance.

About the Author Karina Ewert "Karina Ewert is an Account Manager at Pinnacle Marketing Group. She specializes in assisting clients with all their marketing needs, writing for the Pinnacle blog, and managing video and website projects. In her free time, she enjoys cooking delicious meals, longboarding, and curling up with a good book."