Making a Statement with Advertising

Making a statement with advertising blog header with image of a woman in front of a digital graphic

When it comes to advertising, making a statement to stand out from the rest of your competition is important. Each marketing project needs to be carefully thought out and branded to fit your business. Be careful to avoid stagnant advertising and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

The use of color is always appealing to the public eye. We are visual and like to see bright and attractive items. This doesn’t mean you want to splash neon all over everything. Stay away from the obnoxious and concentrate on two or three colors used in appropriate placement.

If you have a slogan or catch phrase, use that in your advertising. Potential customers will begin to correlate your business with the saying and it becomes catchy and inviting.

Most importantly, make sure your advertising has the important information in it. Things like business hours, telephone numbers and addresses. If you have a website, and let’s face it, in today’s age of mobile users a website is a must, make sure the URL to your website is also present. The more information you can put in your advertising without becoming overwhelming, the better. It’s easy to go overboard and want to put in all the information you possibly can, but if the important parts are there, the rest your customers can find out when they come to visit you. Ultimately making a statement with advertising.

It’s easy to not know where to start sometimes, but as long as you stay true to your brand and yourself, keep it fresh and a little fun, then your advertising will have the desired effect and before you know it you’ll be welcoming new and current customers alike.

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