Marketing Basics

In order to help have a strong connection with your audience, you must have a strong marketing platform. Marketing is comprised of a number of different strategies used to communicate your message and help customers chose you to do business with. Different strategies may include paid advertising like yellow pages, billboards, magazines, newspapers, or radio ads, event appearances like conventions, community events, in-store sales, and social media, just to name a few. Each of these will connect you to a different type of customer, all looking for a reason to do business with you, which leads to the growth of your business.

When you have an effective marketing strategy, you will naturally gain more customers, sell more services or products, or even up-selling a particular service. But to reach this point, you must first acquire those customers. So how do you do just that? Here are some ways to help gain a client base:

  1. Partner with another business or organization. Get together and hold an event that cross-promotes each other. This helps other local businesses as well as gets your name out into the community.
  2. Choose media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all monsters when it comes to business marketing. Don’t be afraid to create accounts for your business and use the natural resources to reach customers.
  3. Have a website. This is one of the more crucial marketing tools you can have. A website showcases who you are to the public, allows you to show your services and products, share your location and so much more. And make sure it’s mobile-friendly. More and more people are searching on the go and having a mobile-friendly website will ensure you are found when it matters most.
  4. Offer sales and promotions. Decide on products or services you can hold a sale on to help get the word out about your business. Discounts will catch the attention of a potential customer.
  5. Have an email sign-up list available. Having an emailing list allows you to send out deals and newsletters about upcoming events and sales. You can even have the incentive that those who sign up for your emailing list can receive a special discount. Emailing lists can be extremely effective to keep your customers concentrating on you for their needs.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to have an effective marketing toolbox. Start out with the basics and move from there. Make sure to have a website and create those social media accounts. You’ll be surprised at how your customer base will improve once you market out to your community.

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