Marketing Your Business During the Pandemic

Marketing your business during a pandemic blog description

For many small businesses, the thought of increasing a marketing strategy during the pandemic might not be at the forefront of your mind. But changing and investing in marketing plans could very well have a very positive result. In fact, it could be an opportunity you don’t want to pass on. Here are some marketing tips to help you during COVID-19.

Invest. If you are able to, now is truly the time to invest in your marketing campaigns. If you are unable to, don’t worry, but if you can, you might just blow your competitors out of the water as they may decrease their own marketing plans.

Reassess. There are many different marketing platforms out there. Maybe now is the time to reassess where your marketing dollars are going. Invest in an eCommerce website, online marketing, Google Ads, improving your SEO, or social media platform marketing.

Methods. Now is the time to really look at how you were marketing your business and change what you can. If you were a beauty salon, you can promote your products instead of your services, have gift certificates ready for purchase, and if you are able, offer free delivery or curbside pickup.

It’s a scary time to be a small business, and the future is unknown and may be for a while. But reallocating your Marketing dollars can be a big step to how your business survives the COVID-19 pandemic.

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