Measure Customer Satisfaction with Reviews

"Measuring Customer Satisfaction Using Reviews"

It’s easier to keep current customers than acquire new ones, but how do people keep current customers? They keep them happy. How do they know they are happy? They measure customer satisfaction. A great place to gauge customer satisfaction is monitoring reviews. Start by looking at reviews left on sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any industry specific directories.

At best, reviews will confirm everything is already doing great. Appreciate that someone took the time to record how happy a product or service made them, because people are more likely to take the time to write reviews when they’re upset than happy. If you have positive reviews, take the time to respond and thank them for the review. Positive reviews can be a great marketing tool to add to a website or use on social media.

Don’t be afraid of reviews. If you have negative or constructive reviews, they’re an incredible opportunity to improve service or products. Instead of making excuses or ignoring the reviews, think on how to improve the customer’s journey going forward. Address the negative reviews using a friendly and positive manner to see if the issue can be resolved. When responding acknowledge the customers concerns and see how to rectify their experience.

Don’t have any reviews yet? Sometimes customers need a reminder to give feedback. Add a QR Code or a URL leading to your preferred review location on receipts, product packaging, or on a thank you card. Encourage honest feedback and avoid practices such as paying for good reviews. When deciding where to direct people to leave reviews, keep in mind that people will trust third party platforms, like Google, more than testimonials provided on your own platform.

Now is the time to start measuring customer satisfaction and start collecting reviews. Reviews are a valuable source of information on your products or services. Reach out to Pinnacle Marketing Group if you need assistance creating materials to get clients to leave a review.

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