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Minnesota Traditions was created by the Mississippi Headwaters Board to promote Aquatic Invasive Species awareness and education. A joint effort of 8 counties, this comprehensive outreach program reminds recreational boaters, anglers, water sports enthusiasts, sailors, canoers, kayakers, outdoorsmen and lakeshore owners that we all need to take action and make Clean, Drain, Dry & Dispose a common tradition on any water outing.

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The Challenge

How can an organization reach people and make them aware of their mission in the most cost effective way possible?

The Strategy

Harness the power of social media to reach large numbers of Minnesotan's and visitors through targeted paid campaigns and specially curated content to show how simple, effective actions like Clean, Drain, Dry and Dispose, can make a lasting impact on preserving Minnesota waters. Over the last three years, visits to their website have more than tripled.

The Results

Year after year growth of followers indicates that the mission of Minnesota Traditions resonates with the public. The Minnesota Traditions Facebook page has almost 40k followers and an active Twitter audience of + 8k and growing.

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