Office Etiquette – Respecting Each Other

Office etiquette can make or break the office environment. Proper etiquette can have a positive effect on the employees around the office workspace. Most of the below etiquette suggestions may seem like common sense, but some may surprise you. Here is a list of things you can practice in and around the office to help enhance a positive flow:

  1. Put cell phones on silent. Having a cell phone begin to ring can disrupt even the most focused of employees.
  2. Try not to take personal calls at your desk. This can be distracting to your coworkers and is hardly working on your tasks at hand. If you must take a personal call, move to an empty office or take a break.
  3. Reply to messages in a timely manner. When receiving emails or voice mails, reply in a timely manner so you’re not holding up another employee and their work. It’s rude to keep others waiting.
  4. Be polite and pleasant to others. It doesn’t cost a thing to be polite to a coworker. And being pleasant and friendly helps build a positive culture for everyone to enjoy.
  5. Be a team player. Working well with others and helping the team environment will generate respect from your coworkers which can lead to a positive team experience.
  6. Help the newbie. It can be very nerve-wracking starting a new job. Don’t be afraid to reach out and show the new person around. It will give you a chance to get to know them, and they will be able to start relaxing sooner.
  7. Be on time. It’s a given, but you’d be surprised how often it’s taken for granted. Being on time to your job shows you are reliable and punctual. This allows your supervisors to know they can count on you.
  8. Be mindful of smells. Avoid wearing strong perfume and cologne. Also, eat your lunch and snacks away from your desk.
  9. If you’re sick, stay home! If you’re not feeling well, don’t chance the risk of spreading your cold or flu to those around you. Stay home and recuperate!

There are plenty of things you can practice in keeping office etiquette at it’s best. Put simply, come in with a good attitude, do your work well, and help those around you. Be a team player and always try to start the day off with a smile. It doesn’t take much to help create and maintain a pleasant office space; just be mindful of those around you and always work towards keeping a positive environment.