Open for Business

Are you a seasonal business? Perhaps you’re only open in the summer or winter. It’s vital you start reminding your customers that you are still around and ready to do business with them months before you open your doors. Maybe you’re a greenhouse and landscaping company. Let your buyers know a few months before that you will be opening, and perhaps schedule an event for that time. Get your customers excited by keeping them informed of all the great flowers and plants blooming, discounts, specials or new landscaping designs. The use of social media is a great way to remind the public that your season will be starting soon.

The same goes for any seasonal business. The more you advertise and post on social media as your season starts, the more informed the public will be and the less likely they will forget you’re there when you’re ready to serve them with all your products and services. Be consistent with your advertising and diligent with your posting and your season will start with a bang!