Overworked? Check Yourself!

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We are a nation on the move. We hurry from one place to the next, work double digit hours, and rarely come up for air. So how do you know that you’ve hit the overworked wall and how do you avoid hitting it? When we put in more hours to compensate for tiredness, brain fog, disorganization, and decreased speed, then we are actually getting less done in that time. To remain productive, one must first find a way to recharge the work batteries. Sometimes it’s obvious we need a break, unfortunately, we usually figure it out too late. According to Jeremiah Bishop here are some ways to avoid hitting that wall:

  1. Each morning check your heart rate. When the mind and body are stressed your heart rate will be higher
  2. Check your emotions. If you’re having a bad day, feeling irritated and you can’t put a specific reason as to why, you may have already overworked yourself
  3. Check your weight. Sudden weight loss or gain means something is wrong. Maybe you’re forgetting to eat or drink, or perhaps you’re not realizing how much you’re snacking.

These are just a few noticeable signs you may be overworked. Try slowing down, getting enough water and nutrients and rest, and watch how your overall performance improves.

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